When you arrive at Risotteria, you will be awe-struck by the array of freshly baked gluten free goodies and freshly prepared frozen foods ready to take home. Dominating the front of the restaurant is a modern gleaming chrome and glass bakery case filled
with brownies,chocolate chip cookies, huge slabs of moist cream cheese topped carrot cake and 'yes" even cream filled, sprinkle topped cupcakes and all gluten free. Even New York's famous black and White cookies share their gleaming glass shelf  with a unique chocolate tiramisu, wonderfully very vanilla pound cake and a lemony crust less cheese cake, a melting pot of sweet treats.
     In the freezer section you can find thin and thick crust Gf pizzas of several varieties, just bake and serve.  Frozen pizza, breadstick, ciabatta doughs, sauces and soups are conveniently packaged for take-out, microwaveable risottos,eggplant parmesan and slice and bake GFcookies are available too.
Check out the large selection of pure food GF bakery mixes to prepare at home, and don't forget to grab a half dozen of their fresh warm breadsticks to eat while you plan your next visit.


The Gluten Free Bakery at  Risotteria

Created by Stone Hill Studios NYC. 2015